7 Potential Sloping Garden Ideas

Sloping gardens can be a problem. An expensive one too. But before you splash out on fixing it, try to see if you can make it work. Some sloping gardens use aesthetic techniques to look just as sleek and modern as flat gardens. We have listed some examples here for you to use as inspiration. Remember, in gardening, a problem can always be made into a solution.

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Flower landscapes, something that can always make a garden look better (when done right). As you can see, this garden has almost hidden its slope with the use of a beautiful flower display. The difference in colours was clearly well thought out as its finished with an organised pattern. They have also made the other slope into a different level with an upwards path for practicality.

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Sometimes, you need to embrace your slope. Along the same theme of using flowerbeds as a distraction, this gardener has still put green lawn on his slope rather than cover it up completely. The result is a neat finish with both tidy grass and a flowerbed with a touch of colour. If this is your style, make sure you trim the surrounding trees regularly to tie in with the tidy finish.

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Steps. The slope gardeners relief! Nothing can make slope look good better than steps. This gardener has used rustic grey tile steps to create a natural illusion that the slope always looked this good. The use of 2 pillars also ensures it retains its antique presence. They have also used the technique of a natural path within the grass, which can be a popular choice depending on who you ask. On one hand it has a natural impression, but some would argue that the remaining grass looked lazily maintained.

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A large example which could be incorporated in a smaller garden. This gardener has embraced his slop by turning it into a beautiful circular pattern. Not only that, but visitors will love sitting on the ledges when coming over in the summer, it creates a perfect shape for spectating competitive family sports or even a relaxing sanctuary. This is one of the more creative examples on this list.

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A natural looking slope here. By just adding neat coordinated flowerbeds on your slop it gives a naturalistic effect. The decking in the middle creates a centre-point of the garden which allows for friends and family to use as a point of contact. Not only that, but the surrounding landscapes would wow visitors and create the illusion that they are sitting and chatting in the middle of a world heritage site.

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And back we go. Steps! As you can see this gardener clearly had quite a problematic slope before his measures. Adding natural brick style steps has now made the garden look fit for visitors. The contrasting brick and tile materials work by using supplementary colours. Also, the use of rustic plant pots suits the surrounding landscapes and gives a natural impression. The trees peering over the wall also support this effect.

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Wow. This one has quite the slope. However utilising contemporary techniques they have made the slope look like a stunning feature. By keeping the grass short and neat it automatically gives off a looked-after impression. The hard white landscape path uses squares to keep the modern theme apparent, while the surrounding flowerbeds are shaped in rectangles to keep everything parallel. The use of sparse trees in the bushes is either a hit or miss. But here they have definitely hit the spot. The distance from each other and matching colours only adds to the contemporary feel.

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