6 Stunning Contemporary Garden Ideas

If you are having trouble deciding on a contemporary garden design, we have listed 6 stunning examples. Modern designed gardens are staples of a beautiful home, and we understand how difficult the decision can be when re-designing. Not only will it last a long period of time, but it will be the main focus when friends and family attend house parties or dinners.

So, we’ll jump straight into it. Here are our favourite contemporary garden ideas:

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Do you have a large back garden? If so, you should make it a trophy of your property. This backyard combines hard landscape, water features, flower landscapes, and simply lawn to create a minimalist yet futuristic garden. The arches at the back serve an entrance before wowing guests with this creation. Undoubtedly, this wouldn’t come under our low maintenance category, but I think the work and upkeep would be worth it to contain such a beautiful landscape. Plus, imagine the tranquillity of using it as a sanctuary when you need a bit of time away from the family (we all do sometimes).

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Not as tidy as the last example, but it still works. The overlapping flower landscapes blend into the hard tiling which creates a pathway to the modern floating table and chairs. The green and brown colouring matches the naturalism of the garden, with the matching black and white background adding to the modernity. Not particularly high maintenance, but would be a big job to complete. Nevertheless, it would result in noisy neighbours peering over the fence to peek at the jaw dropping landscape.


This futuristic waterfall will modernise any garden instantly. The monotonous colours portray elegance and a sense of status. Water features are perfect if you want to set your landscape apart from others, plus, the sound it emits is soothing and a known stress reliever. However, water features are also known for being high maintenance. Managing them can sometimes mean hours of upkeep to keep it looking stunning.

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Nothing beats simplicity. As this example clearly shoes. A bench, table and chairs, sunlounger and barbecue all occupy this relatively small space. But the positioning and landscape make it look the opposite of cluttered. Instead the matching colours and background enable the furniture to look in place with its surrounding and give a simple yet modern impression. The bush and plant area is a nice touch, and along with the trees circling the main tiled landscape, still allow the garden to be a credit to naturalism. Imagine a hot summers day doing the barbecue for family and friends with this backyard, the compliments would be flying around – before they see the burnt sausages!

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On the theme of simplicity, this is a perfect contribution. Only a small lake, piece of artwork and bush landscape are maintained in this large garden – giving a natural impression. The forest area in the background works perfectly with the green in the garden, and allows the modern art to stand out. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the open space, as it adds to the simplicity.

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What do you think of when you hear ‘garden shed’? A dingy old wooden tool box collecting dust at the back of your garden? It doesn’t have to be that way. This shed is kept in perfect condition with clear modern sections for a sleek look. A simple DIY job, and your shed can wow guests with its modernity. With a shed this futuristic, it isn’t just for tool storage – its a showroom.

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