Design a Garden Shed for Comfort and Functionality

Garden sheds are popular these days, and their purpose can range all the way from storing garden tools and supplies to creating a comfortable spot for rest, relaxation and reading. Some garden sheds can also fill the role of a “she shed” for the lady of the house, or they may focus on storage and function for the gentleman gardener. The great thing about creating your own shed is that it can be designed to meet your particular needs and desires.

The first step in building a garden shed is determining the size, location and function. Whether you build the shed yourself or hire a contractor, you will need to have a detailed plan. If the purpose of the shed is simply to support gardening activities, you will need adequate and appropriate storage for garden tools. These tools may include everything from tillers, wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes and hand tools. Proper storage for a supply of small hand tools and electrical cords will also be needed. Counter space is also necessary for potting plants, starting seedlings and other activities that require a work space. Shelves built above the counter can hold items used only occasionally such as books, extra pots, etc.

Garden sheds that double as a “she shed” are likely to focus less on gardening than a comfortable place to read, visit with friends or enjoy a cup of tea. Some women decorate their shed as their own little get-away space, but they may also use it as a work area for growing and maintaining flower gardens in the landscape. The area should include a couple comfortable chairs, lighting sources and cabinets and counter space for storage and working on various projects.

The exterior of a garden shed should add to the aesthetic appeal of the landscape no matter what purpose it has. There are various plans homeowners can choose from, or the plan can be created by whoever intends to use it. The shed should have enough windows to provide good light within, and a simple front porch adds to the design. Wiring the shed for electricity makes operating electrical tools very convenient and can be a source of light and heat on cool and cloudy days.

Some homeowners have the knowledge and ability to build their own garden shed, but others may be wise to hire a contractor to make sure the project is done properly. Small garden sheds that simply provide storage space for garden tools and perhaps a lawnmower do not require electricity or plumbing, but running water and electricity are convenient in a “she shed”. In this case, the services of an electrician and plumber will be required. It is also possible to purchase a pre-built garden shed at the local builders supply store, and this is probably the best idea if the purpose of the shed is simply storage. However, planning and building a more elaborate garden shed offers an enjoyable place to spend time, and the building will also increase the value of the property.

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