5 Cool Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Backyard fire pits aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. They are handy too. Their versatility means that one day you could be inviting friends round for a summer barbecue, then in the winter having a bonfire with family and blankets.

When done right, a fire pit with matching furniture or surroundings can really be beautiful. And mix this with the heuristic image of burning wood, can create a surreal attraction.

Whether you are going for a modern, antique, rustic or even wood panel look, a fire pit could be the extra touch you need to make your backyard the staple of the american. Bit too far? We don’t think so. Here we have listed 5 cool backyard fire pits as examples.

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This rustic feel fire pit is large and powerful. As you can see, the fading tiles are the same all around the surrounding landscape, and tie into the classic feel. The blues and oranges are more natural shades and really complement the wood chairs.

Can’t you imagine yourself coming home from work after a long summers day, and chilling next to the fire with a glass of wine in hand? We definitely can.

This owner seems to have a lot more land than he knows what to do with, with the forestry area in the background. However, this could be intentional. The contrast in infrastructure and nature creates a peaceful effect. (Unless you’re scared about wild animals coming up behind you as you sip your red!)

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My personal favourite, contemporary design mixed with old traditional values. The modern feel is enhanced by the clean, black and blue fire pit in the centre. The sleekness of the two-colour showpiece allows the retro shape to be noticed.

Not only is it attractive, but the blue stones make the fire pit stand out from the surrounding black and white furniture. This is most likely a restaurant area, but the feel could definitely be snatched and placed in your own backyard. The only costs would be the seating area and fire pit, as long as your floor landscape is all matching and neat, or wooden.

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Similar to the first one, this fire pit uses rustic techniques with large bricks. It creates the antique feel that contrasts the modernity of a fire pit. The plants can divide opinion. Although there definitely is a need for some flower landscapes in this garden, you could argue the owner hasn’t thought to carefully about which ones and where he plants them. A better alternatives could be plant pots scattered around the area.

As you can see, there is padding on top of the surrounding wall, meaning guests can sit around it in summer. This also matches the stone flooring and wooden walkway. All the colours are in similar shades and complement the whole scene quite well.

Ignore the hot dogs, okay look if you want, this fire pit is unarguably one of the most surreal looking designs. The wonky-modern tiling creates a stunning feel. It looks like this one is in a field somewhere, but would not look amiss in your back garden. The wooden benches are also an important part of the scene as a whole, as they add to the natural look.

I can imagine countless summer nights huddling round this fire with friends and family sharing burgers and hotdogs (I’m hungry now!). A pit like this would cause envy in your inner circle, so be aware!

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An extremely unique yet modern design. This fire pit is inside a whole in your garden. As long as you have the space underneath, it can be an easier task to create. However, just make sure you don’t fall in!

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